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Spain is situated in south western Europe and covers an area of 504, 780 square kilometres. It's the third largest country in the continent and has both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. The country is divided into 17 independent regions and there are four official languages; Spanish or Castilian, Euskara, Catalan and Galician.

The largest country in Western Europe after France, Spain has a population of just under 47 million. The country has a great deal to offer for travel from sunny beach holidays to great city breaks and much more. Spain is a country that you can quickly get addicted to, regardless of whether you are going for sun and sand, partying or exploring the country’s many beautiful cities or dramatic countryside.

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Spain is also a highly diverse country, divided into many autonomous regions. The most powerful and culturally distinct areas of the country are Cataluña, in which the majority of people speak Catalan and the Basque Country in which most people speak Basque, a mysterious ancient language whose roots remain an enigma.

These different regions all have their own distinct characteristics, making Spain a diverse and fascinating country to spend some time travelling around. From one region to the next, you will not only notice a great change in things such as politics and language, but also with everything from cooking to architecture. This is also due to Spain’s rich history and Moorish influences in the southern regions.

In the cities of Spain, you can find all manner of tourist attractions, and each of the destinations are very distinct. If you want to enjoy the best Spain has to offer in terms of culture and architectural splendour, Seville is a great city to visit and though not as beautiful, the capital, Madrid, has a plethora of attractions as well as a vibrant nightlife and a wonderful café culture and some of the finest art museums anywhere in the world along with the other great Spanish city of Barcelona.

On the other hand, if you are looking for sun and sand much of the year round, then the Balearic Islands, Majorca and the southern coast of Spain also have a lot to offer, also being very cheap to get to from many other countries in Europe.

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One thing that you will notice most about Spain, and one of the characteristics that makes the country so addictive, is that the people of the country, regardless of where you go, have a great attitude towards life. There are always events going on, great parties and carnivals and every form of entertainment that you can think of.

Nightlife and entertainment along with great bars, restaurants and tapas are well fulfilled in just about any place in Spain. You can also enjoy great wines and a diverse culinary scene which varies greatly from one area to the next. Enjoy it all by staying in some wonderful Spain hotels that we have found.

Undeniably, one of the greatest and most popular attractions to Spain is its beaches, which come in great variety. While much of the coast of Spain has been heavily built up to accommodate the rapidly increasing amount of tourism, there are still numerous quieter getaways which make ideal destinations for a more refined beach holiday away from the major resorts. This is even true of the most heavily visited areas such as the Costa del Sol. In addition, the Atlantic coastline of Spain offers some wonderful surfing sands and the almost completely unspoilt gems in Galicia. Holidaying on the water is also excellent in Spain, why not consider Yacht Charter Spain.

In contrast to the beaches are the mountains and the wonderful skiing and Spain ski resorts.

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